Saturday, May 15, 2010

graduation day at babs!

cory left for anchorage today to sell our 4runner.
so its just me and the girls.
luckily there was lots to do.. it was graduation day!
there were a total of 6 students that graduated, which was great.
here are some picture from the day:

(these are the six people that graduated; ages 19 through 22)

(ONC: the big white building where graduation was)

(right before things got started)

(the staff at babs. they're such amazing people)

(one of my dorm girls (erica) with her nephew)

(me and diana, my oldest dorm girl. we had a lot of fun today)

(this is me sneaking some ritz crackers into graduation)

(we went to check on the river after. it started breaking up!)

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