Saturday, May 15, 2010

graduation day at babs!

cory left for anchorage today to sell our 4runner.
so its just me and the girls.
luckily there was lots to do.. it was graduation day!
there were a total of 6 students that graduated, which was great.
here are some picture from the day:

(these are the six people that graduated; ages 19 through 22)

(ONC: the big white building where graduation was)

(right before things got started)

(the staff at babs. they're such amazing people)

(one of my dorm girls (erica) with her nephew)

(me and diana, my oldest dorm girl. we had a lot of fun today)

(this is me sneaking some ritz crackers into graduation)

(we went to check on the river after. it started breaking up!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

good morning bethel.

(picture of bethel, about ten in the morning)

Dog Show

we took the girls to see the annual bethel dog show. the community here is probably one of my favorite things about this place. bethel is such a small town that if anything goes on everyone comes. this little gathering was the the cultural center/library building. the room was actually pretty big and full (some people were watching out in the hall). the dog show itself was fun to watch. it seemed anyone who had a dog, brought it. the dogs weren't competing for best of breed or anything like that. they were in categories like
best bark, best spots, best trick, most obedient, most dis-obedient, and my favorite best costume.
i really think the girls enjoyed it. i know it did.
cory on the other hand, i don't know.
someone brought in their little black and white shih tzu
i'm pretty sure cory was having otis with drawls.
(otis.cory's little champion)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flour Cup Game

Last night the girls invited Jill, their teacher, over for a sleepover.
It was so fun! I felt like I was in high school again.
We played truth or dare, watched twilight...
and played the flour cup game.
I feel bad for cory.
First he had to put up living with one girl,
now he lives with six.

He's a good sport though!
Luckily he has Jason to keep him sane.

If you have never played the flour cup game

the rules are simple.

First you fill a small cup half way up with flour.
Then place a small coin in the cup and finish to fill the rest up.

After the flour is packed up tight, turn the cup over

and pull it off the flour slowly.

This will leave you will a small tower of flour.
Each person takes a turn cutting a sliver off the flour tower.
The person who knocks it over has to get the coin
out of the flour with only their face.
(erica is cutting the flour, sam is the girl watching)
..i lost twice..

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am extremely bored on days that I don't sub. SO. I decided to create a new blog. This blog is all about D.I.Y ( craft projects. Sadly, there are NO craft stores anywhere near Bethel. I would need to fly to Anchorage to go to Michaels. Kinda expensive trip for some felt, don't you think. I wanted a place where I could keep track of all the projects I would do if I had the supplies... time to go online shopping!
Now when my supplies come in the mail, I will have a place to go through and pick out a project. I have about 20 projects that need to put up on the blog, my goal is to have 8 up by the end of the day. I hope you enjoy... I know I will.

Link to site: GreenSubmarine

Pictures of Bethel

Cory walked me home from the high school. He was so nice, he carried my laptop for me!

This is on our walk home, the houses you are seeing are some of the nicest in Bethel. It is refreshing to see a town where no one cares how big or beautiful your house is.

just another house.

This is the Bethel Family Clinic. If Cory or I get sick, we would go here. The hospital has native preference, which means, we don't go there. I could go to the E.R. with blood gushing out of my head, but wouldn't be seen for a long time, since I am not native. Even if the natives who are coming have something as stupid as lice... they will still be taken first. Think I am exaggerating? The exact scenario happened. Not to me, of course. But it did happen.

This is the bright red Elementary school across the street from our current apartment. It is fun seeing the kids making snowman outside during lunch.

Cabs are everywhere here. I mean EVERYWHERE.

This is where we live.

This is a picture of our bright blue door...
I love having a blue door.